Clinically studied sports nutrition ingredient

The benefits of XSurge™ are supported by clinical research.

In a 13-week randomized, double-blind, placebo controlled (RDBPC) study, individuals who took XSurge showed accelerated strength recovery and minimized markers of muscle damage after exercise compared to subjects who took a placebo.1

Xsurge peak torque strength recovery clinical finding XSurge supplement reduces markers of muscle damage post exercise

What does this mean for you?

After damaging exercise, it can take a while for your muscles to recover back to normal—leaving you feeling weak and sore. Supplementing with XSurge can help shorten the amount of time you experience reduced strength and decreased muscle performance.1

Safe and tolerable, too

XSurge is generally recognized as safe (GRAS) and has been shown to be well tolerated in all human clinical trials with no adverse side effects related to the study product.1-3

Our commitment to research

Kemin has conducted XSurge clinical trials with reputable sports nutrition research teams at the Pennington Biomedical Research Center and University of Central Florida.3,4

We continue to invest in an ongoing research program that includes discovery and hypothesis-driven research. Our discovery program allows us to explore novel outcomes or new market segments, while our hypothesis-driven research program includes both small- and large-scale human clinical trials to elucidate and confirm efficacy and safety.

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1Herrlinger, K., et al. (2015). Supplementation with a polyphenolic blend improves post-exercise strength recovery and muscle soreness. Food & Nutrition Research. 2015, 59: 30034. 

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