XSurge botanical based natural sports nutrition supplement

Powerfully developed for sports nutrition gains

To create a powerful sports nutrition ingredient, Kemin scientists identified catechins, theaflavins, caffeine and manganese as key molecules to provide the energy, performance and recovery benefits.

Our plant scientists identified Camela sinensis as a natural source of these key molecules and worked with our exclusive, dedicated tea supplier to screen and analyze thousands of lines of tea.1

From this extensive search, we selected the two non-GMO lines of green tea and black tea that naturally produce efficacious levels of the active constituents in XSurge™.

With the extracts from these two elite lines of tea, our scientists designed a proprietary blend formulated to benefit energy levels, sports performance and exercise recovery.

What gives XSurge the edge?

Unlike green teas and black teas you typically see at the grocery store, our natural proprietary extract blend delivers optimal levels of total polyphenols, caffeine and manganese as nature has intended.1

This extract blend has been clinically studied and shown to provide real sports nutrition benefits.

Tea used to produce XSurge is hand picked

Uncompromising quality and safety

Our elite tea is stringently grown on Rainforest Alliance Certified™ plantations.

We work with dedicated farmers to hand pick tea leaves in short harvest cycles, maximizing the quality and levels of active molecules in each leaf. To extract the native molecular profile of each leaf, Kemin uses a proprietary, gentle water extraction with no harsh solvents or processing aids.

XSurge is generally recognized as safe (GRAS) and meets strict regulatory requirements worldwide because of our careful sourcing and processing methods.2

1The Kemin Foods, L.C. definition of a “natural” ingredient is an ingredient with the identical molecular structure and characteristics as found in nature. The ingredient is derived solely from a plant, animal or mined sources, either in an unprocessed state or having been subject to moderate processing (physical processing, heating processing, purification, hydrolysis, extraction, drying). The ingredient does not contain any additives, except in amounts that might occur unavoidably during good manufacturing practices or good farming practices as applicable.

2Hughes, S. (2015). Kemin Human Nutrition and Health GRAS Status for XSurge™. Kemin Health Technical Literature KHTL-017-125.

Rainforest Alliance Certified™ is a registered trademark of Rainforest Alliance.

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