Slendesta® - Satiety Inducing Dietary Supplement Ingredient

Slendesta is a potato extract dietary ingredient that helps control your hunger. Key benefits include:


Slendesta: Natural hunger control

Boosts satiety to increase feelings of fullness, helping you feel full sooner and longer.1


Ingredients that suppress appetite

Acts as natural hunger control, making dieting easier.1


slendesta for hunger control, supplement ingredients for appetite suppressant

Helps you lose weight and reduce waist and hip measurements when used with a sensible diet and exercise routine.2,3

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Increase feelings of fullness with slendesta

The control you've been craving

Sticking to a healthy diet and managing your weight isn’t always easy—especially when hunger strikes.

When you’re hungry it’s difficult to resist the temptation of donuts in the breakroom or eat just one serving of your favorite snack or take the time to prepare a well-balanced meal. Losing control of your hunger can leave you feeling frustrated and defeated.

Slendesta is a dietary supplement ingredient that helps suppress appetite, control hunger and curb snacking.

slendesta: a satiety inducing dietary supplement ingredient

Studied in 12 clinical trials – A safe and effective satiety solution

Slendesta is a safe, natural potato protein-based dietary supplement ingredient that boosts satiety to help you feel full, without any unpleasant side effects.4

Slendesta has been studied in 12 clinical trials and when used with a sensible diet and exercise regimen, has been clinically shown to help individuals eat less and feel satisfied sooner and longer.1

The ingredient’s satiety benefits make it easier to control portion size and snacking, and in turn, achieve weight management goals.

The active molecule in Slendesta is a well-studied protein called Proteinase Inhibitor II (PI2). PI2 works by promoting and extending the body’s natural release of cholecystokinin (CCK), a powerful peptide that signals key organs, including the stomach and brain, to induce feelings of fullness.

potato extract dietary ingredient, ingredient sourced from potato protein PI2

Satiety ingredient developed with advanced plant science

To leverage the powerful satiety benefits of PI2, our plant scientists began searching for a natural source of this molecule. We discovered russet potatoes have naturally occurring higher levels of PI2 and can serve as a botanical factory for our satiety ingredient.5

Kemin’s Specialty Crop Improvement (SCI) team used traditional plant breeding methods to further develop these potatoes.

A satiety dietary ingredient grown in the USA

A carefully grown and manufactured weight management ingredient

Kemin’s potato supply chain is moving toward being 100% vertically integrated, which allows us to provide a safe and traceable satiety ingredient.

We partner with farmers in the USA to grow and harvest our potatoes. From the fields, the potatoes are transported to Kemin’s state-of-the-art extraction facility in Des Moines, Iowa for storage and processing.

Kemin uses a patented water-based extraction process without any harsh chemical solvents. The specialized extraction and ultra-filtration techniques do not alter PI2 functionality and allow us to standardize Slendesta to guaranteed levels of PI2. After the manufacturing process is complete, Slendesta is packaged at Kemin and prepared for shipment to customers worldwide.

Slendesta is manufactured in accordance with GMPs for food, 21 C.F.R. 110 and 117, set forth by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA). However, Kemin Foods, L.C. facilities also conform to the NSF® International Dietary Supplement & Functional Foods Program-NSF/ANSI 173 Section 8 standard, which is based on 21 C.F.R. 111 Dietary Supplement GMPs.

Clinically studied satiety and weight management benefits

The satiety and weight management benefits of Slendesta and PI2 have been clinically studied in 12 human clinical trials with more than 500 collective participants.

Clinical trials have evaluated efficacy through a range of outcome measurements, including: plasma CKK levels, decreased post-prandial glucose levels, hunger, satiety, food intake, waist and hip measurements, and weight loss. Throughout the clinical studies, no adverse events were reported associated with the use of Slendesta.

Clinically studied ingredient that helps increase feelings of fullness

Increases and extends feelings of fullness

In a randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled (RDBPC) study, healthy individuals who took 300 mg or 600 mg of Slendesta 60 minutes before breakfast reported significantly greater fullness levels and decreased motivation to eat compared to the placebo group.1 These subjective feelings of appetite were measured based on a Visual Analog Scale (VAS) rating.

In addition, post-meal CCK satiety signal levels were significantly increased and remained elevated longer as compared to the placebo group.1 This finding supports the satiety signaling mechanism of action for Slendesta.

Clinically studied satiety inducing weight management ingredient

Satiety inducing ingredient with weight loss benefits

In the largest RDBPC multi-site clinical study conducted with Slendesta, healthy overweight individuals who consumed Slendesta experienced statistically significant weight management benefits.2

The 12-week study showed Slendesta, when consumed 60 minutes before the two largest meals of the day, resulted in statistically significant reductions in weight, waist and hip measurements from baseline as compared to placebo.2

The maximum weight loss in this study was just over 12 pounds (5.5 kg) in the 300 mg group and just over 20 pounds (9.3 kg) in the 600 mg group.2

Individuals who participated in this study were told the benefits of a healthy diet and exercise, but were not prescribed a specific regimen throughout the study.

In a 20-week open-label study, healthy overweight and obese individuals took 300 mg to 600 mg of Slendesta twice daily before their two largest meals. Subjects lost an average of 12 pounds (5.4 kg) over the 20-week study and had statistically significant reductions in waist and hip measurements.3  

At the end of the study, 87% of subjects were satisfied with Slendesta helping them control their hunger and 53% of participants had lost more than 5% of their body weight.3

Clinically studied satiety inducing dietary ingredient with blood glucose benefits

Shown to support post-meal blood glucose control

A published RDBPC crossover study with healthy overweight and obese individuals studied post-meal blood glucose levels.7

Individuals who consumed 300 mg Slendesta 30 minutes prior to meal showed a 25% overall decrease in blood glucose; and individuals who consumed 600 mg experienced a 20% decrease.5 Blood sugar levels were measured pre meal and at 36, 60, 90 and 120 minutes post-meal.

The above RDBPC study in healthy individuals, which measured feelings of fullness and CCK levels, also studied post-meal glucose control.1 Subjects who consumed 600 mg of Slendesta prior to their meal showed statistically significant decreases in blood glucose.1

Safe and tolerable, too

Slendesta is generally recognized as safe (GRAS) and has been shown to be well tolerated in all human clinical trials with no adverse side effects related to the study product.1-6


About Kemin

Kemin strives to improve the quality of life by touching half the people of the world every day with our products and services. We are committed to delivering safe, high-quality ingredients backed by science and clinical research.

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