Kemin advanced lines of spearmint are non-GMO

Identifying plant-based molecules for cognitive benefits

With a $3 million investment and five years of discovery and development, Kemin’s Specialty Crop Improvement (SCI) team of expert plant scientists, chemists and lab scientists worked together to identify plant-based molecules that were linked to improving cognitive function.

After discovering these key phenolic molecules in spearmint, the SCI team used traditional plant breeding methods to create two patent-pending lines of spearmint (KI110 and KI42).

Unlike the spearmint you can typically find in your grocery store, our advanced lines of spearmint contain a powerful Phenolic Complex, which our research suggests provides cognitive health benefits.  

Advanced spearmint rich in polyphenolic molecules with cognitive benefits

What is the Phenolic Complex?

It is a specific selection of phenolic molecules produced by Kemin’s proprietary lines of spearmint.

Our Phenolic Complex contains more than 50 phenolic compounds, including Rosmarinic Acid, Salvianolic Acid, Lithospermic Acid and Caftaric Acid, which may act in the brain to:*

Key molecules in Neumentix have been shown to act as antioxidants and support neurogenesis, neurotransmitter levels, nerve proetection

How do we extract the Phenolic Complex?

With innovative drying technology and a gentle water extraction process, the native profile of the powerful Phenolic Complex, as present in the proprietyary plants, is preserved throughout production.

This careful processing and Kemin’s control of the entire supply chain, allows us to consistently provide a high-quality, safe and efficacious cognitive health ingredient.

Sustainably grown spearmint for cognitive performance ingredient

Sustainably grown in the USA

Kemin grows acres of our advanced lines of spearmint on family owned farms in the USA.

Neumentix is made with spearmint that is certified as “Sustainably Grown” by SGS Global Services. Kemin is the only ingredient company to acquire this third-party certification for spearmint.


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