Asia Pacific Lysofix Formulation Guide

Product Characteristics

Appearance Color Odor
  • Lysofix Liquid:  thick clear transparent liquid
  • Lysofix Dry: free-flowing granular powder
  • Lysofix Liquid: light yellow
  • Lysofix Dry: light yellow – light brown powder
  • Low





Formulation Guidance

Recommended Use Level Solubility Easy To Use
  • Lysofix Liquid as a primary emulsifier: 3.5-5.0% / as a co-emulsifier: 1.0-3.0%
  • Lysofix Dry: up to 2% w/w 
  • Lysofix Liquid: dispersible in water, glycerin, propylene glycol and natural oils (polar and non-polar)
  • Lysofix Dry : not completely miscible in either water or oil
  • Cold and hot process



Watch our video to learn more about how to formulate with Lysofix Liquid


Lysofix is a must have for skin care, color cosmetics, hair care, and aqueous beauty mist

Great for use in:

  • Foundation and BB cream
  • Sun care lotion and self tanning
  • Wet wipes
  • Baby care
  • Facial sheet masks


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