KEMZYME® Makes Complex Compositions and Conditions Simple

In feed production, the choice of the right exogenous enzyme combination is driven by the raw material composition of the formula, feed substrate, target species and production conditions such as heat treatment of the feed. The KEMZYME range of products match with the different needs of feed producers.

The KEMZYME Range Provides Cost-Effective Solutions

Cellulase-xylanase-ϭ glucanase-α amylase-protease-fiber-fermentation

KEMZYME Plus Dry: 

  • Five declared enzyme activities: Non-starch polysaccharides (NSP), starch and protein focus 
  • Active on wide range of raw materials
  • Increases feed digestibility
  • Decreases intestinal viscosity
  • Pre-pelleting dry application
  • Suitable for up to 80°C conditioning-pelleting temperature
  • Concentrated version available

KEMZYME Plus Liquid:

  • Four declared enzyme activities: NSP and starch focus
  • Active on wide range of raw materials, increases feeds digestibility, decreases intestinal viscosity
  • Post pelleting liquid application


  • Six declared enzyme activities: KEMZYME Plus Dry + 6-Phytase
  • Pre-pelleting dry application
  • Suitable up to 80°C conditioning-pelleting temperature


  • Single premium xylanase extended with an activated carrier that is highly effective on Arabinoxylans, huge amount of AME delivered from diverse feeds
  • Pre-pelleting dry application
  • Suitable up to 95°C conditioning-pelleting temperature

Certain statements may not be applicable in all geographical regions. Product labeling and associated claims may differ based upon government requirements.

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