AllAboutFeed/FIAAP Animal Nutrition Award 2014

KEMZYME® MAP was named runner-up for AllAboutFeed / FIAAP Animal Nutrition Award in 2014 in VICTAM Asia 2014.

AllAboutFeed/FIAAP Animal Nutrition Award 2014

KEMZYME® MAP Dry has been successfully launched in various Asian markets since August 2012.

It can be seen that KEMZYME® MAP Dry provides a new innovative solution that improves performance and helps manage the costs of complex diets.


KEMZYME MAP - Maximize Energy and Amino Acid Release MAP stands for:

M – Multi NSP Enzymes

A – Multi-amylase system (patented)

P – Multi-protease system (patented)


What makes KEMZYME® MAP Dry different from other enzymes products?

KEMZYME® MAP Dry provides a multi-proteases and multi-amylases concept in combination with Non-Starch Polysaccharide (NSP) enzymes. Nutritionists can optimize the amino acids and energy through a single product.

KEMZYME® MAP Dry offers animal producers more flexibility and control over alternative raw materials and feed cost.

KEMZYME® MAP Dry is a commercially user-friendly product due to its flexible usage with a diverse range of protein and energy raw materials.

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