Essential to Your Swine Operation

It’s essential for pigs to be able to efficiently use the energy provided in the feed. This is particularly important when feed intake is compromised during periods of stress, extreme temperatures, or immune challenges. KemTRACE® Chromium is a highly bioavailable, organic source of chromium for all phases of swine production.

Bioavailability Matters When Selecting Minerals

Higher bioavailability ensures more of the nutrient is available in a form the animal can use for optimal nutritional benefits.

KemTRACE Chromium Feeding Instructions: Swine

Feeding Period 

Feeding Rate
(Not to Exceed) 

Nursery: Entire nursery period (approximately 42 days) 200 ppb
Sows: Gestation/Lactation 200 ppb
Grow/Finish 200 ppb







Read how KemTRACE Chromium impacts the different phases of swine production.

Nursery Pigs

• Feeding KemTRACE Chromium Propionate During the Early and Late Phase Nursery Period

• The Effect of Chromium Propionate Supplementation on Growth Performance of Weaned Pigs

• The Effect of Chromium Propionate on Piglets and Sows in a Commercial Swine Herd


• The Effects of KemTRACE Chromium Propionate on Breeding and Lactating Gilts and Sows

• KemTRACE Chromium Supplementation in Gilt and Sow Rations

Grow/Finish Pigs

• Effect of Chromium Propionate Supplementation on Growth Performance from Wean to Finish Pigs

• The Impact of Supplementing KemTRACE Chromium in Diets for Growing-Finishing Pigs

• A Summary of Four Feeding Trials Measuring the Effects of KemTRACE Chromium Propionate on Performance of Growing/Finishing Pigs

Product Specifications (U.S. Only)

• KemTRACE Chromium Propionate 0.04% Dry Mineral Supplement

• KemTRACE Chromium Propionate 0.4% Dry Mineral Supplement


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Commitment to Quality and Food Safety

Since earning the prestigious Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) recognition at its Des Moines, Iowa, manufacturing facility in February 2013, Kemin Industries remains a leader in the production of safe, quality ingredients. The recognition reinforced the company’s investment in human and financial capital to enhance existing conditions and processes, verifying its products are safe, efficient and effective until they reach the end consumer. Kemin has the FSSC 22000:2013 certification, recognized by GFSI, which is accepted by food manufacturers worldwide.

Solutions Driven, Customer Committed

Through TOTAL NUTRITION™, Kemin offers a range of nutritional solutions for raising healthy animals. Kemin understands our customers want to raise healthy livestock and poultry giving consumers the nutritional and health benefits they are looking for, while also returning a profit. Kemin offers products and services to help achieve safe, healthy and efficient solutions for today’s competitive marketplace.

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