CLOSTAT™  Application in Weaned Piglets

CLOSTAT™ was used in weaned piglets in the pre-starter and starter feed. Several scientific trials proved the improvement of the performance (Average Daily Weight Gain- ADG, Feed Conversion Ratio-FCR).

Improvement by CLOSTAT during whole post-weaning period

Field Trials with CLOSTAT to Replace AGP in Weaning Piglets in Asia

A few commercial trials were conducted in Vietnam, in which CLOSTAT was used to replace antibiotic growth promoters (AGP) in weaning piglets. As shown in Table 2, when CLOSTAT was used as an alternative to AGP, it did not affect the swine performance with regards to ADG and FCR.

CLOSTAT used as an alternative antibiotic growth promoters does not affect the swine weaners' performance ​​

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