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Kemin Launches Anticoccidial Ingredient in Asia Pacific Countries

Kemin Launches Anticoccidial Ingredient in Asia Pacific Countries

COZANTE™ is a novel anticoccidial molecule without withdrawal period

SINGAPORE (October 3, 2017) – Kemin Industries, a global nutritional ingredient company that uses science to touch 3.8 billion people every day with its products and services, has launched its latest anticoccidial innovation, COZANTE™, in Asia Pacific poultry feed markets.

“In an era of responsible antibiotic use in livestock, anticoccidials can help improve the availability of high quality and affordable protein,” said Dr. Alfred Chua, Marketing Director for Animal Nutrition and Health, Asia Pacific. “Kemin is leading the way with anticoccidial innovation to meet the growing consumer demand for safe, wholesome protein.”

COZANTE is an intensively researched, natural anticoccidial molecule. COZANTE requires no withdrawal period and has been shown to control Eimeria spp. either in synergistic association with ionophore or as a standalone in coccidiostat-free farming. It has a unique mode of action compared to chemicals and ionophores to ensure no cross-resistance in poultry. 

To significantly enhance the bioavailability of the new anticoccidial molecule at the target site of Eimeria infection, COZANTE is encapsulated using Kemin MicroPEARL™ technology. This and the unique mechanism of action provide dual innovation, culminating into a naturally safe anticoccidial feed additive.

“COZANTE is a natural molecule derived from a medicinal plant widely recognized for centuries in the eastern Mediterranean countries,” said Chua. “Kemin is committed to providing the feed industry with safe, well-studied ingredients that are in line with consumer advocacy groups and regulatory guidelines.”

In September, Kemin hosted the “International COZANTE Event & IHSIG 2017” in Kaohsiung, Taiwan. The event was attended by more than 80 livestock integrators and top feed mills guests to celebrate the launch of COZANTE for poultry feeds.

Event highlights include:

  • Professor Tsai Hsiang Jung, Professor for the National Taiwan University School of Veterinary Medicine in Taiwan, shared his in-depth research on coccidiosis.
  • Dr. Nikolai Ongena, Poultry Veterinarian and Consultant for Vetworks in Belgium, shared insights for managing gut health using antibiotic alternatives and demonstrated how to perform lesion scoring in broilers.
  • Dr. Koh Thong Jin, Product Manager for Animal Nutrition and Health, Asia Pacific, shared the results of animal trials using COZANTE.

For more information on Kemin animal nutrition and health product solutions available in Asia Pacific countries, click here.  


About Kemin Industries

Kemin (www.kemin.com) has been dedicated to using applied science to improve the quality of life for over half a century. As a global company touching 3.8 billion people every day with its products, Kemin is committed to improving the quality, safety and efficacy of food, feed and health-related products to feed a growing population and be a resource for others in need.

Committed to feed and food safety, Kemin maintains top-of-the-line manufacturing facilities where over 500 specialty ingredients are made for humans and animals in the global feed and food industries, as well as the health, nutrition and beauty markets. The company provides product solutions and options to customers in more than 120 countries.

A privately held, family-owned and operated company, Kemin has more than 2,500 global employees and operates in 90 countries including manufacturing facilities in Belgium, Brazil, China, India, Italy, Russia, Singapore, South Africa and the United States.

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