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Smartamine Zylophone How efficient is your farm? Where does the protein that your cows are fed end up – in the milk or in the urine?

How efficiently the digestible protein is used depends directly on the amino acid (AA) profile of the feed. If one AA is in shortage relative to its requirements, the other AA cannot be used, and therefore will be in excess. For a maximum efficiency, it is advised to adjust the Smartamine M dose according to the supply of the ration (figure 1).

Smartamine Distribution Program

Figure 1. Smartamine M distribution programme

Some rations are more deficient in digestible methionine than others. A correct supply of methionine with Smartamine M allows, on average, a 10% increase of the N-efficiency with a positive impact on farm profitability.


Smartamine protein concentrates

Milk response

Methionine allows an increase in milk protein yield (45 to 70 g/cow/d). The effects on the milk protein content (+1,4 g/kg on average) are visible in short term. Bio-available methionine is first used by the liver, especially in early lactation. According to the physiological condition in the liver, an increased milk production of 1 to 2,5 kg/cow/day during the first 70 days can be observed, potentially diluting the increased protein.

Smartamine Milk Yield Chart 1

Smartamine Milk Yield Chart 2

Figure2. Smartamine M improves milk yield and milk protein

Health Liver – Immunity

It is during the transition period that the health and the performance are challenged. Body fat mobilization, oxidative stress, and inflammatory processes take place and immunity is compromised. It is important to meet your cows’ AA requirements in order to meet the synthesis of proteins such as hormones and molecules such as glutation that has a positive impact on the immune system. Starting Smartamine M three weeks before calving makes a difference at your farm(s)!

Depending on your farm(s) situation, you can adapt the dose according to the lactation stage of the cow or you can work with a unique dose during the full lactation.

Easy To Deal With

Smartamine pH Coating Smartamine M is, with its pH sensitive coating, the worldwide reference product in the market of rumen protected methionines. It is easily applicable in premixes.

If you have any questions regarding optimum application, please feel free to contact your Kemin representative or your local feed partner. Our experts are happy to provide advice!

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