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Kemin has also developed a palatant solution for the companion animal supplement market.

PALASURANCE SP Dog Dry - Granulated (SPDD-G) is a chicken-liver based, dry palatant designed for optimizing tablet hardness and reducing friability during high speed tableting.

The majority of the particles in PALASURANCE SP Dog Dry Granulated (SPDD-G) range in size between 400 - 800 microns, which offers excellent pressability.

Micron Sizes for PALASURANCE SP Dog Dry








Palasurance SPDD_G Particle Size (Microns)

Benefits of Palasurance SPDD-G:

  • Beef-free
  • Excellent tableting performance
  • EU certification available

Strongly preferred granulated palatant for supplements

PALASURANCE SPDD-G has improved palatability, which was shown in preference tests. Tablets made with PALASURANCE SPDD-G were strongly preferred in Total Intake, Daily First Choice and Daily Consumption compared to tablets made with chicken liver powder or beef liver.

Support intake chart for PALASURANCE SPDD-G


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