Sub-Suharan Africa Naturox Benefits Pet Food Products

Naturox, a synergistic blend of natural-mixed tocopherols plus emulsifiers and chelators, is recognized as the industry-leading antioxidant system that has a proven track record of stabilizing a wide variety of petfood products.

Consumers Prefer "Natural" Diets

As pets have become more humanized, pet parents have become more concerned about the quality of their pets’ diets. Independent market research among purchasers of premium petfood diets indicates an overwhelming preference for diets made from natural ingredients. According to GfK, a market research company that monitors consumer trends, 67% of total U.S. pet food sales between January and August 2014 were for natural pet food.1  During that same time period, 79% of new product introductions were in the natural category. To consumers, natural ingredients equate to:

  • product freshness
  • superior nutritional value
  • overall better quality

Plants falling into kibble Plant-Based Protection for Petfood Diets

The natural-mixed tocopherols present in Naturox can also be found in virtually all vegetable oils, grains, seeds, and legumes. These tocopherols naturally prevent oxidative damage to the polyunsaturated fats found in plants. Naturox products provide this same excellent natural protection to the unsaturated fats found in premium quality petfood diets.

Available as both liquid and dry products, Naturox is formulated with a synergistic blend of natural-mixed tocopherols for superior free radical absorption, plus emulsifiers and chelators for complete protection against autoxidation.

The Naturox Advantage

Target Residual Level of Naturox Antioxidant chart Not all “natural” antioxidants are created equal. Naturox products are formulated with:

  • A synergistic blend of natural-mixed tocopherols for superior free radical absorption.
  • A natural chelator – lecithin – that helps prevent the formation of free radicals that start the autoxidation process.​

Lecithin also acts as a natural surfactant in liquid Naturox products to facilitate the dispersion of the antioxidant molecules through the substrate being treated.

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1Gfk, Nov. 2014, Press release: Sales of freeze-dried, refrigerated/frozen petfoods continue strong growth, while gluten-free drops sharply. 

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