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Amino Acid (AA) balancing continues to be more widely accepted. Contributing factors to increased AA balancing include the desire to feed lower protein diets, high prices for protein supplements, and continued refinement and improvement of nutrition models.

Essential nutrients

Balancing for more optimum supplies of Rumen Degradable Protein (RDP) and greater supplies for methionine typically reduces feed costs.

MetaSmart Essential Nutrient Chart

Figure1. SMARTMILK balancing AA application benefits

Balancing rations for metabolizable methionine (Met) and Lysine (Lys), and incorporating a source of highly bio-available methionine has been shown to improve milk volume, as well as protein and fat percentages. There is also growing evidence that the increases in milk protein and fat concentrations observed with Lys and Met balancing reflect in an improved protein status that can have far-reaching effects on health and performance.

Serviced application

  • MetaSmart, an ester of the analogue methionine, is a unique and patented molecule designed to optimize AA Balancing in ruminant rations.
  • MetaSmart Liquid is a liquid source of bio-available methionine for dairy cows. It is the isopropyl ester of the hydroxylated analogue of methionine, also referred to as HMBi for short. It is a brown to colorless liquid.
  • MetaSmart Dry is a powder source of metabolizable methionine for dairy cows. It is a free-flowing, cream to beige-colored powder, consisting of MetaSmart - the isopropyl ester of the hydroxylated analogue of methionine also known as HMBi – adsorbed onto a silicon dioxide carrier.

MetaSmart Applicator Kemin’s Product Application Department (PAD) offers the services and tools to optimize and facilitate the implementation of MetaSmart Liquid in your feed production facilities.

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