KEMZYME® Plus Dry – An Enzyme Solution for Piglet Weaning Stress KEMZYME® Plus Dry An Enzyme Solution for Piglet Weaning Stress

Weaning can negatively impact a piglet’s digestion. The change in diet and environment can lower their endogenous enzyme secretions, which is crucial for the digestion of non-starch polysaccharide (NSP) complex substrates.

During this critical time in the health and development of piglets, it’s important to ensure they get the enzymes needed to digest post-weaning feed nutrients.

KEMZYME Plus Dry is a multi-fermentation, multi-enzyme feed ingredient that support the digestion of post-weaning feeds in piglets. 

Most piglet feed enzymes focus only on breaking down the xylan-betaglucan complex. KEMZYME Plus Dry has five declared enzyme activities, which focus specifically the breakdown of NSP, starches and proteins. These enzyme activities help compensate for the reduced endogenous enzyme secretions during weaning.

By improving the digestion of complex substrates in piglets, animal producers can keep piglets healthy and keep feed costs under control.

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