KemTRACE™ Chromium: Essential to the Efficiency of Your Feedlot

Chromium supplementation has been shown to positively impact efficiency and provide important nutritional benefits in feedlot cattle.

Feedlot operators can lower costs while achieving optimal performance with KemTRACE™ Chromium – a safe and highly bioavailable organic source of chromium for cattle.

KemTRACE™ Chromium is made in the U.S. and available in two product concentrations:

  • 0.04% for use in complete diets.
  • 0.4% for use in a premix prior to inclusion in complete diets.

How Chromium Combats Feedlot Stress

Cattle hierachy, growth, perdomance, Health, Maintenance Commercial feedlots are subject to multiple stresses that may be lowering your cattle’s energy efficiency. Lowered energy efficiency can impact your animal’s health and performance, in turn lowering your ability to maximize meat production at the lowest cost.

KemTRACE™ Chromium can help reduce the impacts of feedlot stress by improving your cattle’s uptake of glucose and energy efficiency.  

Chromium Impacts Beef Quality

When it comes to beef quality, consumers eat beef that has good taste, flavor, juiciness and marbling development. KemTRACE™ Chromium supplementation can help improve beef quality, and maximize meat production at the lowest cost.

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