ButiPEARL™ Range of Benefits for Poultry

The MicroPEARLS® technology in ButiPEARL provides three main benefits:

  1. No bad smell
  2. Easy handling and mixing at the feed mill
  3. Sustained release at desired site of action

This last benefit (sustained release) leads to a more profitable application.

Profitable Performance

Since the MicroPEARL technology allows for a protected and high concentration of active ingredients, it is possible to achieve an application of ButiPEARL at low doses resulting in enhanced animal performance (BW & FCR).

Proven More Profitable

In broilers and in laying hens, ButiPEARL has proven to have a profitable application.

Performance from broiler chickens fed ButiPEARL during the whole production cycle (tested up to 42d), has proven to be economically profitable and much more economical than a competitor product claiming similar protection and a concentration of 70% Ca butyrate.

Experimental Design

Broiler trial: A total of 240 male Ross 308 chicks, one day old, were divided into 3 experimental groups that received the following treatments:

  1. Basal diet
  2. Basal diet + ButiPEARL at 300g/tonne
  3. Basal diet + Competitor protected sodium butyrate at 1000 g/tonne

Table 1. Performance & histomorphological parameters in broiler chickens fed different butyrate sources

Treatment Dose (g/t)

BWG (g)

FI (g)

FCR (g:g)

VH/CD (um/um)


Basal -Control






ButiPEARL 300






Competitor 1000






ab means in the same column without a common letter are statistically different 

**n=27 (9 histology samples/treatment)

Results show that supplementation with ButiPEARL at less than half the dose of the competitor product, gives better FCR (P<0.05), and a much more profitable application dose.

Extending Productivity in Older Layers

ButiPEARL can help producers obtain better egg shell quality from old layers.

As the hen ages, its intestinal walls deteriorate having more problems for nutrient absorption and utilization, reducing the amount of calcium absorbed from the diet, and increasing the leakage of calcium from the bone.

As the hens age and the eggs get bigger, a similar amount of calcium has to be spread over a larger surface.

Egg Shell Insights

Did you know that controlling intestinal integrity and the rate of egg weight change can influence egg shell quality as the hen ages?

It is important to consider that just because an egg shell is thick, does not necessarily mean that it is strong. Sometimes a thinner egg shell is stronger than a thicker egg shell. The reason for this is due to the shape and organization of the organic and inorganic components of the shell.  That is why it is important to measure both strength and thickness.

Factors that affect egg shell quality:


  1. Flock’s health status
  2. Management practices
  3. Environmental conditions
  4. Breeding
  5. Age

Performance Data in Layers

Layer trial: A total of 432 Lohmann Brown laying hens were used to evaluate and compare the effects of 2 different sources of butyrate on performance and egg shell quality. All birds were divided into 3 experimental groups:

  1. Control group
  2. ButiPEARL group at 500g/ton
  3. 3) Competitor at 700g/ton.

The trial lasted 24 weeks. Results demonstrate that the addition of butyrates to the diet definitely have a positive impact on laying hen performance and egg shell quality. Clearly, with time ButiPEARL gives a stronger egg shell at a lower dose and a better response over time (Figure 1).

Regressive line of the effect of butyrate source on shell strength on eggs from laying hens

 Figure 3. Regressive line of the effect of butyrate source on shell strength on eggs from laying hens (intervals of 4 weeks for the trial period (24 wk)).

From the different available butyrate sources, once again ButiPEARL proves to have the most profitable application dose due to its MicroPEARLS encapsulation technology and proven sustained release, allowing for a lower application dose of the product resulting in a profitable animal production.

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