ButiPEARL™ - Pursuing Performance

In today’s production systems, just having a better feed formulation does not translate to having better animal performance. ButiPEARL is an encapsulated intestinally released butyric acid for animal diets. The proprietary embedded core encapsulation produced by Kemin allows for a sustained release throughout the intestinal tract. This helps enterocyte proliferation which leads to better villi growth, maximizing animal performance.

Better Absorption

Regressive line of the effect of butyrate source on shell strength on eggs from laying hens Butyric acid is a by-product of microbial carbohydrate fermentation that occurs primarily in the large intestine. When added in feed, it quickly disappears in the upper digestive tract. Because butyrate is important for the development of epithelial cells, maintenance of mucosal integrity, and therefore healthy animal growth and performance, ButiPEARL was created.

ButiPEARL is an encapsulated source of butyric acid. The MicroPEARL encapsulation technology allows for superior handling and sustained release in the intestinal tract.


  • A molecular solution for enterocyte replication.
  • Sustained release throughout the intestinal tract.
  • High content of butyric acid (50%) encapsulated using unique MicroPEARL spray freezing technology.


  • Superior handling characteristics with no bad odor or hygroscopic characteristics.
  • No problems with other feed ingredients – great flowability of premixes and feed.
  • Full utilization of active ingredient along small and large intestine for a positive performance impact.
  • Profitable application.             

Certain statements may not be applicable in all geographical regions. Product labeling and associated claims may differ based upon regulatory requirements.

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