Sub-Suharan Africa Palatability Enhancers

For most pet owners, the proof of an acceptable pet food is in watching our furry friends enjoy their food. When a new diet is introduced to a pet and it stimulates active consumption, it's considered palatable, and therefore a success. Cute little dog licking his mouth and sitting by a bowl of kibble

Achieving successful palatability is a balancing act of product formulation, ingredient stability and flavor profiles. Palatants, or palatability enhancers, play an important role in the overall palatability of a pet food by balancing the tastes and aromas an animal prefers, masking unfavorable flavors, or both. 

Drawing on our technical capabilities related to stabilization, safety and texture, Kemin palatants are designed to go beyond taste. Our palatants not only provide taste equal to or better than our competitors’ products, but also provide beneficial, breakthrough technologies such as PALASURANCE® brand palatants and pH-adjustor palatants that deliver longer shelf-life, maintain palatability, and reduce the risks associated with low-fat diets.

Freshness and Quality

Palatability graphic Because the shelf-life of a pet food is often longer than 18 months, maintaining its palatability requires countering all of the factors that can weaken flavor and desirability over time. Kemin, however, is able to support the chemistry of key molecules in palatants from the time of palatant manufacture to consumption. Through proprietary hydrolysis, extraction, purification, and fermentation processes, Kemin achieves stable flavor and aroma profiles that delight pets and owners alike.


When applied on or in a pet food, tablet, or treat, Kemin palatants deliver:

  • Consistent quality
  • Enhanced stability
  • Functional properties
  • Flavor-enhancing characteristics
  • Specific label claims​

Petfood Industry September 2015 Issue Learn more about palatability technology, including pH-adjustor palatants, in the September issue of Petfood Industry Magazine. The article features information on our patent-pending technology, which incorporates acidifying ingredients while managing palatability in dog and cat food formulations. Kemin was also featured on a two-page mock cover in the publication.

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