Antibiotic Alternative Solutions


The rapid economic growth and demographics of emerging markets around the globe are expected to give rise to a large middle class – estimated to reach 5 billion by 20301 – with an increased need for animal protein. 

Whether motivated by personal health, animal welfare, or environmental concerns, many in this growing consumer population are seeking alternatives to conventional meat products, which may be produced with the routine non-therapeutic use of antibiotics.

While some companies may find consumer and industry demands at odds, Kemin can offer antibiotic alternatives that maintain animal productivity without sacrificing the health or performance of animals.

Consumer and Producer Choice

Agriculture production around the globe is challenging. The emergence of new and unforeseen diseases, as well as new legislation and regulatory changes, will remain serious challenges for producers. Meanwhile, changing consumer demand dictates that antibiotic alternatives – new choices – must be brought to market. 

We share in our industry’s responsibility to serve as caring stewards of livestock and poultry. Kemin continuously looks for innovative ways to provide animal care that will help increase global food production while satisfying a growing population desiring healthy and nutritious food.



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