Africa Animal Nutrition and Health

Since 1961, Kemin has served the agriculture industry by maintaining quality & reducing risks associated with animal feeds & ingredients. As the industry has evolved, so have the product solutions and services provided by Kemin.

Kemin is committed to providing customers with innovative solutions – from both our products and our services.

Kemin has developed a variety of services to meet customer needs and provide meaningful support in conjunction with our products.

We have three divisions committed to helping you, the client, to give you the best possible solutions and advice along with our products. Each division is able to provide expertise to benefit your business.

At Kemin, the people, products and applicators work hand-in-hand to deliver the performance promised to our customers.

Customer Lab Solutions (CLS)

The CLS mission is to ensure the safest feed possible is produced.

The CLS team excel at problem solving and tracking of trends and data. The team help you to determine the critical control points and risk areas in your operation and give advice on best practices and monitoring solutions to ensure risks are managed optimally and feed safety is ensured.

The team provide tailor-made monitoring programmes to complement our range of products and assist with early warning, trend tracking and pro-active risk management.

CLS aim to ensure your production system is optimised and maximum effectivity of products is ensured. In order to achieve this, the team provides in depth training, support and assistance to ensure correct implementation and maintenance of monitoring programmes.

By making use of our CLS services, you are able to gain valuable insight into the minutiae of your production processes.

Monitoring programmes include; Microbial monitoring such as Salmonella, TEC (Total Enterobacteria Counts), Mould & Yeasts; Oxidative monitoring such as Peroxide Value & Malondialdehyde; Chemical monitoring such as Mycotoxins.

Product Application Solutions (PAS)

The mission of PAS is to provide strategically engineered, reliable liquid application systems to ensure liquid products are being applied safely and accurately.

PAS is comprised of trusted, reliable engineers with years of industry experience to help customers achieve the precise application of liquid ingredients.

PAS engineers are dedicated to designing liquid application systems and overseeing system fabrication, installation, maintenance and support.

Based on customer needs, equipment options for dosing of liquid products can range from a simple, single, manually-controlled pump dispenser to a more integrated, multiple pump system.

By implementing Kemin-designed equipment into your system, value will be added to the liquid products being applied.

Technical Service Solutions (TSS)

The TSS mission is to provide technical support and expertise relating to animal nutrition and health.

The TSS team is comprised of experts in the field of monogastric and ruminant nutrition, as well as animal health and veterinary care. This provides a complete package to ensure that any problems and queries can be addressed for any animal species.

The TSS team works to use applied knowledge and industry experience to ensure what is discovered in our lab is applied to customers’ operations and can yield the highest possible return on investment, whether in a trial setting or by giving advice on the best possible implementation strategy.

The TSS team can help you understand the details of how the Kemin products work on a molecular and cellular level. By sharing our knowledge and experience, we hope to aid you in maximising the potential of your operation.

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