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Kemin Biofuels

Kemin is proud to serve the biofuels industry with enzymes for ethanol production and antioxidants for biodiesel. With Kemin’s production and warehouse facilities based in Des Moines, Iowa, we stand ready to supply you with products and services.

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Who is Kemin

With roots in Iowa since 1961, Kemin has grown into a global bioscience company supplying more than 500 specialty ingredients to the feed and food industries as well as human health, pet food, aquaculture, crop technologies and textile industries. Kemin supplies enzymes for biofuels, agriculture, pet food, aquaculture, textiles, and food technologies.

Supplying product to food, feed and nutraceutical industries, we take quality assurance and control seriously, with in-depth knowledge of FSMA requirements.

The nearly 2,800 employees in Kemin’s seven divisions share a unified vision of improving quality of life and sustainability, dedicated to fostering healthy businesses, a healthy planet, and healthy people.

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Focused Enzyme Portfolio

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Extensive Plant Testing

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Plant Process Optimization

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Sustainably-Focused Business

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