millSMART™ - For Better Feed Mill Efficiency and Feed Quality

What is millSMART™?

millSMART™ is an innovative program designed to improve the feed mill’s 4Ps

  • Processes
  • Productivity
  • Pellet Quality
  • Profitability


millSMART™ - A Preconditioning Process

millSMART™ works as a preconditioning process to optimize the mash feed and to achieve its target moisture level for optimal pellet feed milling.


Figure 1. Schematic diagram showing where the preconditioning process is being implemented.

During this process, a preconditioning solution is prepared by mixing millSMART™ Milling Aid and water. This preconditioning solution is subsequently added into the mixer to optimize the mash feed. Kemin has a range of milling aids for different application needs.


Benefits of millSMART™

  • Increases feed throughput
  • Reduces energy input in pelleting
  • Enhances pellet durability and feed digestibility
  • Minimizes moisture loss and feed shrinkage, achieving target feed moisture level
  • Safeguards feed from mold
  • Homogenizes and promotes uniform distribution of water and oil-based liquids in the feed
  • Reduces the production cost

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Figure 2. Schematic diagram showing how the preconditioning process is carried out.


Meta Data Analysis

A meta-analysis was done on a total 85 field trials across the globe on different diet formulations formulated for different animal species at various growth phases.

The meta-analysis showed consistent positive financial returns were achieved through 3 key aspects:

  • Improved feed weight
  • Energy saving during pelleting
  • Improved feed throughput

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