Benefits of using LYSOFORTE™ Dry in Swine 

LYSOFORTE™ Dry is a bio-emulsifier, effective in improving the absorption of oils and fats from the feed by the pigs. The following properties of LYSOFORTE™ Dry are responsible for the observed efficiency in increasing the rate and efficiency of fat digestion and absorption:

  1. Enhanced emulsification leading to the formation of smaller fat/oil droplets in the small intestine, providing more surface area for lipase activity, and
  2. Easier micelle formation due to the shallow critical micellar concentration (CMC) of LYSOFORTE™ Dry


LYSOFORTE™ Dry is widely used in animal diets to increase the digestion and absorption of oils and fats and to improve animal performance and feed efficiency. A series of structured research studies on LYSOFORTE™ Dry demonstrates its positive effect on enhancing fat digestibility.


LYSOFORTE™ Dry improves piglets’ performance 

Young pigs suffer from poor fat digestion and adsorption for several weeks post-weaning. This prevents the young pig from extracting maximum available energy from the fat during crucial weeks post-weaning. Undigested fat passed out in the faeces (steatorrhea) making the dung sticky and difficult to clean from pens which in turn can create hygiene problems.

Undigested fat passing through the small intestine to the large intestine may also disturb hind-gut fermentation and negatively impact the pig’s productivity. LYSOFORTE™ Dry helps to improve fat digestion. A trial was conducted in weaner pigs in Seoul University, Korea demonstrating the positive growth response from LYSOFORTE™ Dry when it is added to the feed.


Effect of dietary energy levels and supplemental LYSOFORTE™ Dry on growth performance of pigs

Table 1: The effect of dietary energy levels and supplemental LYSOFORTE™ Dry on growth performance of pigs1

This experiment shows that when pigs were fed low energy level diet (3,200 kcal of ME/kg) with LYSOFORTE™ Dry supplementation, growth performance was much higher than that of high energy level diet (3,300 kcal of ME/kg) without LYSOFORTE™ Dry supplementation. Moreover, producers can save 10% of feed cost by supplementing LYSOFORTE™ Dry to low energy diet without compromising the growth performance of growing pigs.


LYSOFORTE™ Dry improves growth performance of grower pigs 

In growing pigs, LYSOFORTE™ Dry helps to digest the fat, and in turn, this improves the capacity of the growing pigs to digest protein and amino acids in the small intestine. A digestibility study in 40-45 kg pigs (van Barneveld et al, 2003, Table 2) showed that LYSOFORTE™ Dry increased the ileal digestibility of energy, protein (nitrogen), lysine and calculated digestible energy (DE) value in a diet containing 2.5% tallow. Hence, the benefits of LYSOFORTE™ Dry appear to continue beyond the immediate post-weaning period.

The effects of a faster and more complete fat digestion lead to a greater fat “clearance” from the small intestine. This presumably resulted in an improved protein and amino acid digestion as it enables a faster access of protein-digesting enzymes to ingested protein. This will also allow for a more rapid passage of small peptides and amino acids to the intestinal epithelium for absorption. 


Effect of LYSOFORTE™ Dry vs control on the ileal digestibility of nutrients in grower pigs

Values with different letters in a row are significantly different (P<0.05); *, significantly different (P<0.10)

Table 2. Effect of LYSOFORTE™ Dry on the ileal digestibility of nutrients in grower pigs


LYSOFORTE™ Dry improves reproductive performance of lactating sows

Lactation diets are high in energy and fat, so it is essential that the added fat is utilized well by the sow to support milk production and minimize body condition loss so that the subsequent reproductive cycle will not be compromised.

In a study conducted by Seoul National University, South Korea, 10 control sows were compared to 10 sows receiving LYSOFORTE™ Dry from day 90 of gestation through to weaning at day 21 of lactation.  Experiment diets consisted of corn-soybean meal based diet. Crude protein and lysine contents of gestating sows’ diets were 12.90% and 0.74%, and lactating sows’ diets were 16.80% and 1.05%. Other nutrient requirements were met or exceeded by NRC(1998). Sow and litter responses are shown in Tables 3 and 4.


Effect of LYSOFORTE™ Dry in sow performance comparing with control on body weight changes and back-fat thickness

 Table 3. Effect of LYSOFORTE™ Dry in sow performance comparing control4


Reproductive and litter performance responses in sows comparing control & LYSOFORTE™ Dry

Table 4. Reproductive and litter performance responses in sows comparing control & LYSOFORTE™ Dry

LYSOFORTE™ Dry numerically improved the reproductive performance of sows and performance parameters of piglets, although the improvement is not statistically significant. LYSOFORTE™ Dry also helped to reduce the body weight loss and back fat loss.



Adding bio-emulsifier LYSOFORTE™ Dry in weaner diets helps young piglets to digest the fat more effectively and improve the growth performance. This improved fat digestion results in fewer excreta faecal loss of fat and promotes farm hygiene. Supplementation of a high-fat diet with LYSOFORTE™ Dry improved weight and average daily gain of growing and finishing pigs.

LYSOFORTE™ Dry can increase nutrient digestibility in grower and finisher diets, improve the performance and save cost. LYSOFORTE™ Dry also reduces sow body weight loss during lactation and therefore help to strengthen the sow reproductive performance and litter performance.

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