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Feeding bio-emulsifiers to young and old pigs for superior performance

By Dr. C. Sugumar, Dr. L.V. Bindhu, and Dr. Hans Lee, Kemin Animal Nutrition and Health, Asia Pacific

The use of fats and oils in swine diet is of great importance owing to their high energy value compared to other energy-yielding nutrients. There is increasing evidence that efficiency of energy utilization and feed efficiency improve when dietary energy is increased using fat rather than carbohydrates.

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Nutritional strategy to improve sow energy utilization with bio-emulsifiers

by Dr. L.V. Bindhu and Dr. Mauro di Benedetto, Kemin Animal Nutrition and Health

One of the primary factors to increase production efficiency in swine operations is to improve sow productivity. This can be accomplished by increasing milk production to produce heavier litter weights and, at the same time, reduce the post-weaning rebreeding interval. 

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