Benefits of Using KEMZYME™ MAP in Swine

Weaning, together with a change of diet from sow’s milk to vegetable feed as well as the new environment have a very negative effect on endogenous enzyme secretions (i.e. proteases and amylases). During this most critical time in the health and development of piglets, the right combination of enzymes is crucial to break down the NSP complex substrate in the diet and to compensate for the reduced endogenous enzyme secretions. KEMZYME™ MAP provides all needed enzyme activities in one product, making it the most cost-effective choice for your piglet feed.


Benefits of using enzymes animal feed in swine

Efficacy of KEMZYME™ MAP on growth performance of pigs

A swine growth trial was conducted from 30 to 90 days period at Institute of Agricultural Studies (IAS) Vietnam.

Diets used in the growth trial were:

  1. Positive control diet (corn, soybean, rice bran, fish meal)
  2. Negative control diet (Less 60 kcal/kg ME and 0.5% Crude Protein)
  3. Negative control diet + KEMZYME™ MAP Dry (0.5 kg/t)
  4. Negative control diet + Competitor enzyme product (0.5 kg/t)


Result: Effect of KEMZYME™ MAP on the growth performance of swine.

A table on the significant effects of KEMZYME MAP on the growth performance of swine.

Efficacy of KEMZYME™ MAP in improving ileal amino acid digestibility in swine

A swine trial was conducted at the Institute of Agricultural Studies, Vietnam to determine KEMZYME™ MAP’s conclusive performance on digestibility.

Pigs were housed individually in metabolism crates (0.8 x 1.5 m). Each metabolism crate had a collection tray for urine collection and a fine-mesh net just above the tray for fecal collection allowing for separation but complete collection of feces and urine.

Pigs were fed ad libitum and diets were fed in mash form.


Results: Effect of KEMZYME™ MAP on ileal digestibility of amino acids in swine.

A graph on the significant effect of KEMZYME MAP on ileal digestibility of amino acids in swine.

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