COZANTE™ | Natural Coccidiostat 


Natural anticoccidial for Eimeria

COZANTE™ is a patented, plant-derived polyphenols to aid in control of Eimeria species in poultry. These natural polyphenols are embedded in a vegetable oil matrix that:

  • Contain approximately 40% polyphenols and
  • Produce sustained release of polyphenols


Cross section of COZANTE. MicroPEARLS technology helps COZANTE release through whole gut

Novel Encapsulation

COZANTE™ active ingredient is presented in Kemin’s proprietary spray freezing technology (SFT) of encapsulation. This process is to ensure the active ingredient will be released throughout the length of the intestine.

COZANTE acts on all 3 types of Eimeria species and it releases throughout the whole intestine constantly.

Mode of Action

COZANTE™ active ingredient causes disruption of the cell wall of sporozoites -pathogenic stage of Eimeria spp.

Eimeria life cycle

COZANTE™ effectively controls Eimeria viability that results in improved intestinal integrity. Therefore, this leads to better FCR and body weight.

Graph 1. Impact of COZANTE on viability of Sporozoites, groups that are signicantly different from each other at P<0.05 are indicated by different letters (a-b). Graph 2, In vivo challenged study using mixed cultures of field strains of E. acervulina and E. tenella


COZANTE™ against Eimeria spp. Results from a coccidia-infected broiler flock

Graph 3. Evaluation of the efficacy of COZANTE™ against field strain Eimeria spp. by FCR and body weight gain. Graph 4. Evaluation of the efficacy of COZANTE™ against field strain Eimeria spp. by lesion scoring.

The above presents COZANTE™ within the effective zone with the gold standard. But unlike gold standard, COZANTE™ has ZERO withdrawals.

Graph 5: A performance comparison between COZANTE and ionophores in commercial native broilers farm in Vietnam.

Broilers treated with COZANTE™ displayed better performance in the trial.

Since the launch of COZANTE in 2015 within Asia, it has impacted over 560 million chickens. Your best alternative for now and the future!
COZANTE has Zero withdrawals, no side effects. Easy to handle with excellent fluidity. Compatible with other additives. Consistent release throughout the intestinal tract. Fits perfectly with your current anticoccidial program
Recommendations, 100 to 150g per ton of feed. 25kg, keep bag closed when not in use. Stored in a cool and dry place in the original package

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