CLOSTAT™  Application in Weaned Piglets

CLOSTAT™ was used in weaned piglets in the pre-starter and starter feed. Several scientific trials proved the improvement of the performance (Average Daily Weight Gain- ADG, Feed Conversion Ratio-FCR).

Field Trials with CLOSTAT™ to Replace AGP in Weaning Piglets in Asia

A few commercial trials were conducted in Vietnam, in which CLOSTAT™ was used to replace antibiotic growth promoters (AGP) in weaning piglets. As shown in Table 2, when CLOSTAT™ was used as an alternative to AGP, it did not affect the swine performance with regards to ADG and FCR.

Table 1. Improvements for CLOSTAT during whole post-weaning (pre starter + starter period)
Table 2. CLOSTAT used as an alternative AGP does not affect the swine weaners' performance

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