Pet Food Safety Ingredients

Food safety in the petfood industry is a shared responsibility among renderers, ingredient suppliers, petfood manufacturers, distributors and even the pet owners who feed the final pet food or pet treat to their companion pets. Ensuring the safety and quality of commercial pet foods is both a challenging and complex process.

Petfood manufacturers face challenges like oxidative deterioration and microbial contamination of both their ingredients and finished pet food. Failure to control oxidation and microbial risks of the ingredients used in pet foods can result in loss of nutritional quality, reduction in palatability, and increased microbial risk.

Microbial Control Ingredients and Mold Inhibitors For Pet Food

Kemin provides natural and synthetic preservatives and mold inhibitors to help extend the shelf life of pet food and treats. Kemin has developed solutions for renderers and petfood manufacturers to assist in managing oxidation and microbial risks in fats, oils, rendering raw materials, and pet products.


Oxidation and Microbial Control for Pet Food

Kemin's ALLINSURTM line manages both oxidation and microbial risks in fats, oils, fresh and frozen meats and rendered raw materials.

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Natural Mold Inhibitor for Pet Treats

PREVIONTM is a natural alternative to synthetic preservatives designed to extend the shelf life of pet treats. 

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