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Our eyes are our windows to the world. Through them, we witness life’s greatest moments and create memories that stay with us for a lifetime. But, we often take our vision for granted. In today’s world, our eyes are more vulnerable to damage than ever before. So we need to protect them now, to help maintain healthy vision throughout our lives.

Nearly all light sources — whether natural or artificial — emit blue light. Blue light is the part of visible light that is the most harmful, and can cause damage to our eyes. We’re exposed to it all day long, both indoors and out, and at ever-increasing levels. While some is beneficial, helping to elevate our mood and memory, and regulate our natural sleep/wake cycle, over exposure can have a negative impact on our quality of vision. And painful symptoms like eye strain, headaches, blurred vision, dry eyes and eye fatigue are real reminders of the impact of our digital lifestyle.

High-energy blue light rays can penetrate deep into the back of the eye, causing damage to the photoreceptors responsible for sharp vision. But the eye can protect itself. It can filter blue light using macular pigment, a yellow spot located in the back of the eye, containing lutein and zeaxanthin. Together, these critical eye health nutrients provide a natural defense against harmful blue light. And they are the only nutrients deposited by our body into the eye specifically for this task.

As our bodies can’t make lutein or zeaxanthin, we need to get these important nutrients from foods or supplements. Unfortunately, most people don’t consume enough of the fruits and vegetables that contain lutein and zeaxanthin, with most typical diets only providing around one to two milligrams of lutein and zeaxanthin daily far below the 10 milligrams of Lutein and 2 milligrams of Zeaxanthin proven to be beneficial for eye health. The result is a less dense filter that allows more blue light through leaving us at even greater risk of eye damage from blue light.

So, how can we protect our eyes from harmful blue light? Look for daily supplements containing FloraGLO® It’s the Lutein brand most clinically studied and proven to increase macular pigment in the eye.

But, we know seeing is believing which is why we’ve developed the FloraGLO® Beat the Blue Blue Light Demo. In this demo, the amount of blue light absorbed is directly related to the amount of FloraGLO lutein present in the solution.

  • When blue light is shone though the control vial, containing no FloraGLO® lutein, the blue light clearly passes through the solution.
  • When shone though the low dose solution, some blue light is filtered, but still passes through and is visible.
  • For the high dose solution, blue light is completely filtered out and doesn’t pass through, illustrating FloraGLO® lutein’s ability to completely filter out harmful blue light.

Beat the blue with FloraGLO®. The only lutein brand supported by a patent showing how lutein filters blue light to help protect our eyes.

To learn more about FloraGLO® Lutein, click here.

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