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BLENDING Technology For Shelf Life Extension

At Kemin, our international network of scientists has devoted their careers into studying food ingredients at the molecular level. Leveraging on our expertise in shelf-life extension and ingredient blending, Kemin developed a technological breakthrough which produces a new generation of antioxidants, proven to be more effective than the conventional antioxidant. We proudly call this new technology, the Powerpacked Molecule™. 

What does this mean for your business?

Antioxidants crafted with Powerpacked Molecule™ technology help delay food oxidation more effectively and focus on providing you with the ideal protection for your food and beverage products, keeping your food safer, fresher, for longer while meeting consumer demand.

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Business Cost Savings
Natural Ingredient
Ease of Application

Powerpacked Molecule™ technology is Kemin’s new method of ingredient blending to create a new generation of natural antioxidants, which significantly delay food oxidation more effectively at a reduced dosage, so your business can enjoy better cost savings.

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Beyond Extending Shelf Life With POWERPACKED MOLECULE™

While your competitors are merely focusing on shelf life extension of their food products, our dedicated scientists are looking beyond - to provide your business with stronger competitive advantages in the food and beverage industry.

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An Improved Antioxidant Blends for All Segments

With different ingredients and composition, every food and beverage products possess its own shelf life challenges. This could affect different sensory appeals such as taste, texture & colour.

We strive to provide shelf life solutions that stretches across a wide range of products, helping with extending their shelf life, keeping them fresh, and maintaining their aesthetic appearances.

Bakery & confectionery
Fish & Seafood
Instant Noodles
Meat & Poultry
Oils & Fats
Sauces & Dressings


Talk to us and find out more about how our antioxidant and food safety blends can help your food & beverage manufacturing business.