Freshness Of Meat And Poultry Products

Challenge: Providing consistently fresh flavor

Solution: Kemin oxidation control solutions (rosemary and green tea extracts and blends)

Typical applications: Fresh and cooked meats


Consumers base their initial meat and poultry purchases on color, but fresh and consistent flavor convinces them to buy the same meat products again. The biggest enemy to fresh and appealing flavor is oxidative rancidity (lipid oxidation), the cause of off-odors and off-flavors. Kemin’s natural plant extracts help delay lipid oxidation, protecting your product’s appeal by preserving its fresh aroma and flavor.

The Kemin team has the protein knowledge to determine the proper food ingredient solution to delay oxidation, considering:

  • fat content
  • ingredient interactions
  • storage conditions


Retain-Freshness For Meat & Poultry Products