The Importance of Clean Drinking Water for Livestock and Poultry

Water is one of the most essential dietary components in animal production. Think about it, water is involved in virtually every physiological process and even at normal temperatures, water is consumed nearly twice as much as feed. Important water quality issues for livestock and poultry include the presence of water contaminants like blue-green algae, organic material, heavy metals and chemicals, as well as the water's salinity—the sum of all salt ions dissolved within the water. With these factors in mind, it is when water sources become contaminated by pathogens and bacteria that there is an immediate cause for concern as it can lead to severe sickness within animals. Through years of multi-million-dollar product development and research, the Kemin Pathogen Control Team knows just how poor-quality drinking water can compromise animal health and performance. Knowing this, Kemin developed KEM SAN® Liquid Antimicrobial.

What is KEM SAN® Liquid Antimicrobial?

KEM SAN Liquid Antimicrobial inhibits and kills a broad spectrum of pathogenic bacteria to promote clean drinking water for livestock and poultry. KEM SAN Liquid Antimicrobial reduces and removes biofilm, when applied between herd cycles or flocks, through a unique combination of effective organic acids. The acids used in KEM SAN Liquid Antimicrobial are balanced by their individual pKa's—or acidity values—and buffered over a specific pH range to optimize the effectiveness of chlorine and bacterial control.

KEM SAN Liquid Microbial Overview

  • Kills a broad spectrum of pathogenic bacteria
  • Made from a blend of organic acids (Propionic, Acetic, Benzoic, Sorbic)
  • Buffered to a pH of 4.7-5.7
  • Optimizes the effectiveness of chlorine and bacterial control
  • Reduces and removes biofilm

Backed by Research-Proven Results

In commercial field trials, livestock and poultry consuming water treated with KEM SAN Liquid Antimicrobial showed positive performance metrics, which demonstrates KEM SAN Liquid Antimicrobial would provide a measurable return on investment in water quality for livestock and poultry operations. KEM SAN Liquid Antimicrobial is highly effective against a wide variety of organisms including E. coli, Salmonella, Staphylococcus, Pseudomonas and Clostridia, which are often the cause of economic problems in the field.



Figure 1. Pathogen kill by KEM SAN Liquid Antimicrobial at hour eight

In Figure 1, you can see the pathogen kill rates experienced when KEM SAN Liquid Antimicrobial was applied to three contaminated water samples at the recommended inclusion over an eight-hour period.



Figure 2. Livability in rooster chicks and pullets



Figure 3. Improved feed conversion and reduced condemnation in broilers

In Figure 2, KEM SAN Liquid Antimicrobial was given at the recommended poultry water quality guidelines inclusion of 0.33 oz. per gallon for the first eight days of life. Sodium acid sulfate was given according to the manufacturer's recommendations for the first eight days. All chicks received Oxytetracycline with both water sanitation programs for a seven-day treatment period. In Figure 3, KEM SAN Liquid Antimicrobial was given at the recommended inclusion of 0.33 oz. per gallon throughout the growing period. A noticeable difference in mortality rates, feed conversions and condemnation can be seen in each trial, showcasing KEM SAN Liquid Antimicrobial as a positive additive in creating quality drinking water for poultry production.



Figure 4. Mortality rates in nursery pigs fed KEM SAN Liquid Antimicrobial vs. the control.

KEM SAN Liquid Antimicrobial also showed positive trial results in creating clean drinking water for livestock. In Figure 4, KEM SAN Liquid Antimicrobial was applied to drinking water at the recommended inclusion throughout the pigs' nursery period to decrease mortality rates.

Regulatory Compliance

It is especially important to use products that fit within regulatory compliance programs. KEM SAN Liquid Antimicrobial is approved and registered with the Environmental Protection Agency (No. 8596-31), so it is safe to use in your operation.

The Future of Pathogen Prevention Products

It is our mission at Kemin, as a global manufacturer of nutrition and health solutions, to help protect the biosecurity and food safety within our agricultural markets for pathogen-free farms. As such, Kemin is continuously looking for the next pathogen control to prevent feed contamination and create better water quality for livestock and poultry. As production management practices are changing and the industry prepares to reduce antibiotic usage, the focus will continue to center around on-farm pathogen prevention in facilities. In the years to come, lowering pathogen exposure in animals' surroundings will play an important role in overall animal health and performance.