Importance of Pathogen Control

Pathogen Control: The Key to On-Farm Biosecurity

Avian Influenza, Salmonella, PEDv—these diseases and viruses are livestock and poultry producers' greatest fears. With so many precautions to think about—proper pathogen control for feed contamination, Salmonella reduction in poultry, maintaining clean drinking water for livestock, improving paw quality—Kemin established a Pathogen Control Team. According to the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), as well as the Food Safety and Inspection Service (FSIS), all regulated poultry slaughter and processing establishments are required to determine the food safety hazards that can occur before, during and after entry into the establishment. This due diligence is a key step for on-farm biosecurity and protecting the world's food supply. 

What is On-Farm Biosecurity?

Farm biosecurity is a set of guidelines designed to protect a property from the entry and spread of bacteria and other pathogenic diseases in poultry and livestock. Farm biosecurity is everyone's responsibility, including every person visiting or working on a farm property. The Kemin Pathogen Control Team was created to provide comprehensive environmental pathogen control products, technologies, services and programs to decrease disease risk and improve the efficiency of global food production. 

Pathogen Challenges Explained

A pathogen is an infectious, biological agent that causes illness to its host. It is well known that infectious agents are a threat to livestock and poultry health and at times, human health. The importance of hygiene in relation to animal feed, water, waste disposal and food safety practices have reduced the threat of some pathogens. However, with the reduction or removal of antibiotics, it is important now more than ever to control microbial contaminants. 

With today's intensive production conditions, pathogen control in water and feed is one of the most viable and economically feasible approaches to the control of infectious agents. Contaminated water systems and manufactured feed can transmit pathogens into a production facility infecting animals, causing disease and decreasing productivity. 

Kemin Pathogen Control Products

Using years of dedicated research and development, Kemin products like Sal CURB® and KEM SAN® Liquid Antimicrobial have been created to meet new safety demands in livestock and poultry production facilities. Ensuring a healthy environment also improves animal welfare, which is a key driver for efficient livestock and poultry production. 


Sal CURB®, a blend of aqueous formaldehyde and organic acids, is a key product for Salmonella reduction in poultry and swine to maintain biosecurity. Sal CURB is an antimicrobial agent used to keep animal feed ingredients Salmonella-negative for up to 21 days. 

KEM SAN® Liquid Antimicrobial

KEM SAN® can be used to ensure ideal water quality for livestock and poultry with its broad-spectrum control of bacteria. KEM SAN has a unique combination of the most effective organic acids buffered over an optimal pH range. More importantly, the blend of acids found in KEM SAN is effective and safe for animals and equipment, and is recognized industry-wide as a key component to any pathogen reduction plan.

KEM SAN Liquid Antimicrobial is proven to reduce plant condemnations, promote food safety and increase profitability. When applied to the poultry drinking water system 48 hours before harvest, KEM SAN Liquid Antimicrobial fits into pre-harvest pathogen reduction strategies, reducing potential for cross-contamination in the processing plant. 

Support Where and When You Need It

The Kemin Pathogen Control Team supports all of its products to the highest degree. By working directly with livestock and poultry producers, Kemin can assess your production facility, identify potentially problematic areas and provide prevention strategies for your system. It is our mission at Kemin to improve the health and safety of the global food supply by touching half the people of the world every day with our products and services.