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Kemin Industries Update: Ukraine & Russia

As a family-owned and operated company, Kemin Industries and the Nelson family believes the ongoing war in Ukraine is an atrocity and extends the deepest sympathy with heavy hearts to everyone whose lives have been deeply impacted and forever changed by this senseless and tragic crisis.

With a strong belief that food is a “basic human right,” Kemin honors its work in feeding a global population and its role in ensuring food security through basic food, feed and essential health activities. With the continuation of creating essential human food products solely protein-based for meat, milk and eggs, Kemin remains dedicated to upholding its duty of keeping the global food supply chain intact to help feed citizens around the world, including those in Ukraine and Russia.

Aligning with international humanitarian norms for maintaining food supplies in a time of war, Kemin follows the UN General Assembly Resolution of 2018 and the Geneva Convention of 1949. Kemin is compliant with relevant sanction programs in serving the region, as prescribed by the U.S. Office General License 6a, and actively monitoring sanctions to ensure continued compliance.

Kemin has ceased all previously planned market expansion and non-essential manufacturing in Russia while maintaining our long-held conviction that weaponizing food is abhorrent. Our active manufacturing of essential human food products remains intact to help feed people and assist in the mounting food insecurity magnified by the war. We continue to support our employees in the region and are closely monitoring the ongoing situation.