TOXFIN™ - Mycotoxins Control

The risk of mycotoxins entering the feed chain is almost unavoidable. By using the right mycotoxin adsorbent, you can protect your business and animals from the negative effects of mycotoxins. As this approach is rather inexpensive and products can be easily incorporated in the animal's diet, the use of non-nutritive mycotoxin adsorbents for the control of mycotoxins has become common practice. This has resulted in many different products on the market. However, not all mycotoxin binders are equally effective and the efficacy of many have been inadequately proven or not at all. 


In addition to preventative measures, mycotoxin control is essential for production economics, animal welfare, and food safety. The guidelines for selecting a good mycotoxin binder in order to comply with specific criteria include:

  1. Broad-spectrum mycotoxin binding performance
  2. Maintain availability of essential nutrients to the animal
  3. No growth promoting effects as growth promotion may mask mycotoxicosis
  4. Improves zootechnical performance during mycotoxicosis
  5. Ensures good organ status during mycotoxicosis
  6. Promotes mycotoxin excretion via faeces
  7. Assist in maintaining good immune status when mycotoxins are present in the feed


Kemin recommends TOXFIN range 

TOXFIN Solutions

TOXFIN was developed for animal producers who are concerned about the impact of mycotoxins on animal health and performance. It is a unique family of mycotoxin binders formulated with a blend of activated clays and non-digestible organic sources.

It is well known that traditional clay-based mycotoxin binders fail to show broad-spectrum activity. Their efficacy is limited to so-called polar mycotoxins, such as aflatoxins. Additionally, they can bind to vitamins and minerals and interfere with nutrient utilization.

TOXFIN is a carefully selected blend of unique activated adsorbents that bind mycotoxins along the length of the gastrointestinal tract.  TOXFIN will reduce the bioavailability of feed mycotoxins in the gastro-intestinal tract and promote mycotoxin excretion from the animal body. TOXFIN counteracts negative effect of mycotoxins both via direct binding of target mycotoxins and reducing synergistic effect between mycotoxins.

Since no single adsorbent is effective against all relevant mycotoxins, a combination of activated binding agents can meet the essential requirements for a broad-spectrum mycotoxin binder. In vitro and in vivo tests with TOXFIN show a high ability to counteract different mycotoxins. TOXFIN offers protection against the most common groups of mycotoxins such as:

1.     Aflatoxins

2.     Fumonisins

3.     Trichotecenes

4.     Ergoalkaloids

5.     Ochratoxins

6.     Zearalenone, etc.

One of the main actions to counteract mycotoxin issues is to have a clear picture of their prevalence in feedstuffs. For this reason, the Kemin Customer Services Laboratory is available for continuous monitoring of our customers’ samples to help to identify the mycotoxin risk.