LYSOFORTE® EXTEND – State-of-the-Art Solution to Enhance Lipid Absorption in Poultry

A global challenge facing producers is the need to balance feed costs and animal productivity. Reducing feed fats variability and improving lipid absorption can help animal producers achieve both efficiency and profitability.

LYSOFORTE® EXTEND is a state-of-the-art absorption enhancer designed to enhance digestion and absorption of fatty acids and nutrients across all diets. Animal producers can leverage this phospholipid-based emulsifier to manage feed costs.

By optimizing the three steps in lipid digestion—emulsification, hydrolysis with micelle formation and nutrient absorption—LYSOFORTE EXTEND provides producers more consistent fat utilization response, improved animal performance and better feed cost control.


Superior Molecular Combination to Enhance Absorption of Fats and Nutrients

LYSOFORTE EXTEND improves upon the well-known science of lysophospholipids. The patented ingredient uses a superior molecular combination of monoglycerides and synthetic emulsifiers to fully extend the benefits of lysophospholipids for complete fat and nutrient digestion and absorption.

Extensive research has shown that LYSOFORTE EXTEND:

  • Creates a more stable emulsion phase
  • Speeds hydrolysis and micelle formation
  • Enhances lipid and nutrient absorption

LYSOFORTE EXTEND Offers Productivity and Profitability

This state-of-the-art absorption enhancer provides benefits in both low and high energy diets.

Animal trials have demonstrated the emulsification and absorption benefits of LYSOFORTE EXTEND provides remarkable results in young birds, giving them a stronger start to the production cycle.

Key benefits of LYSOFORTE EXTEND:

  • Supports young birds’ performance
  • Providing high performance over the whole life cycle
    • Increases average daily body weight gain
    • Reduces feed conversion ratio (FCR) significantly
  • Improves meat quality
    • Increases carcass yield
    • Reduces abdominal fat pads
  • Improves profitability
    • Helps manage feed costs
    • Reduces feed costs per body weight gain

Services Beyond the Product

In addition to delivering innovative and effective products, Kemin is committed to providing customers with support and service tailored to their needs. As a company, we offer customers a wealth of knowledge and resources to ensure success when using our products.

LYSOFORTE customers can benefit from our lipid evaluation test (LET) service based on the Wiseman equation. This service allows customers to better assess the real value of fats and oils used in a feed formulation and see how LYSOFORTE reduces feed fats variability.

A History of Feed Efficiency Innovation

LYSOFORTE EXTEND is an extension of LYSOFORTE® portfolio, a pioneer product in the feed efficiency market. For two decades, LYSOFORTE has allowed animal producers to manage their feed costs, animal performance and profitability.