The Role of LYSOFORTE™ EXTEND in Monogastric Animal Feed

Monogastric and ruminant production animals are reliant on healthy and safe feed and supplements from which to obtain their nutrients. The better animals are able to digest raw material, the better they will be able to absorb nutrients as well, however, there are various challenges and stressors that can affect digestibility and absorption.

To address this issue, Kemin developed LYSOFORTE™ EXTEND, a product that directly enhances the digestion and absorption of nutrients in animal feed.

This versatile nutritional tool helps to control feed costs and improve profitability.

How it works

LYSOFORTE™ EXTEND provides a complete mode of action for overall nutrient digestion and absorption in animal feed. The solution is made up by a unique and patented ratio of synthetic emulsifiers, lysophospolipids and monoglycerides.

LYSOFORTE™ EXTEND improves the efficacy of raw material digestion and absorption of nutrients in animal feed:

  1. Genetic stimulation of collagen expression improves villi formation, intestinal integrity and strength.
  2. Improved intestinal membrane fluidity and protein channel formation for increased nutrient absorption.
  3. By removal of the fat matrix, LYSOFORTE™ EXTEND improves the accessibility for digestive enzymes to other nutrients, such as fibres and proteins.

Kemin’s Value-Added LYSOFORTE™ EXTEND Service

We are committed to providing our customers with next-level support and a tailor-made service.

That is why we offer a wealth of knowledge and resources to ensure success when using our products. Variability in feed raw materials, such as fats and oils, is a very common issue and can influence feed variability and animal performance. It is possible to partially alleviate the effect of raw material variability by means of a more precise evaluation of feed raw materials and increasing the digestibility and absorption of dietary components by the addition of LYSOFORTE™ EXTEND to the feed.

LYSOFORTE™ EXTEND customers can benefit from our lipid evaluation test (LET) service based on the Wiseman equation. This service allows customers to better assess the real value of fats and oils used in a feed formulation and see how LYSOFORTE™ EXTEND reduces feed fat variability.

Extend into the future with LYSOFORTE™EXTEND