Kem LAC™ HD Dry - Microbial Inoculant for Forage Management

Kem LAC HD Dry is a concentrated source of microorganisms beneficial to silage fermentation. It containss a source of live (viable), naturally occurring bacteria.


Kem LAC HD Dry is a silage bacterial inoculant consisting of 3 Lactobacillus strains:

  • Lactobacillus acidophilus (fast starter)
  • Lactobacillus plantarum (the work horse)
  • Lactobacillus bulgaricus (later starter)

Mode of Action

Through production of lactic acid, Kem LAC™ HD Dry is designed to rapidly reduce pH of silage to below 5.0. This is achieved by three different Lactobacillus strains to ensure each stage of fermentation will be covered by the correct bacteria. Rapidly achieving this pH drop ensures stability of silage and prevention of moulds and unfavourable bacteria. Rapid stability reduces excessive heat and stops cellular respiration; this means less DM loss, protein and other nutrient loss as well as improved digestibility. The three Lactobacillus straingive a longer activity spectrum and time of action to completely permeate the silage.


  • Helps retain more digestible protein by limiting cellular respiration and thus breakdown of nutrients within plant cells.
  • Enhanced DM retention and reduced shrinkage losses through rapid pH reduction from lactic acid.
  • Highly soluble for easy mixing.
  • Can be used on any type of silage: maize silage, sorghum and feed-sorghum silage, lucerne / legume silages, small grain silages and grass silages.

Dosage Recommendations

We recommend 1 gram per ton; 500 grams per 500 ton of silage (1 canister) for maize and other high-sugar content silages like feed sorghum.

For high buffer capacity silages like wholecrop small grain, lucerne and grasses, we recomment 1.5 grams per ton; 500 grams per 333 tons of silage (1 canister).

Product Composition

Kem LAC HD Dry is composed of lactic acid bacteria. It has 136 billion colony forming units per gram, whic is a guaranteed 136,000 live lactobacillus per 1 gram dosage on silage.

Packaging and Storage

Mix one canister of Kem LAC HD Dry in the applicator with water (volume depends on applicator) and mix or shake well. Apply evenly over fresh silage as harvested or ensiled. Ensure applicator and mixing containers are clean before use, as contamination may kill off Lactobacillus organisms. Rehydrated inoculant remains active in applicators for 24 to 48 hours after activation.