FORTIUM® A - Natural Acerola Extract to Preserve Colour

Natural plant extract rich in Vitamin C developed to preserve colour for meat products.

Acerola cherry powder, an extract which contains high levels of natural ascorbic acid, assures the colour of various food products. Acerola extract is the standard in the meat sector for its ability to speed up the curing process along with nitrites.

Straight acerola extract safeguards the organoleptic and nutritional qualities of products. It is an excellent consumer friendly option for meat manufacturers for keeping a bright, fresh meat colour.

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Acerola extract is effective at delaying oxidation of the iron present in the myoglobin, the red pigment in meat. Although acerola extract is an effective colour protector on its own, it becomes even more active when used in combination with plant extracts from rosemary and green tea. The unique benefits of the combined extracts maximise flavour and colour retention during long-term storage. Blends come in both liquid and dry forms and are recommended based on packaging and process conditions.

NaturFORT™ AR (Acerola and rosemary extract combination)

NaturFORT ARGT (Acerola, rosemary and green tea extract combination)

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