Consumers are more critical than ever when they go to the supermarket. They want to know what they are eating, so they scan the labels to find it out. Especially when it comes to meat, poultry and fish. They want to avoid E numbers, but at the same time their food must look delicious and stay fresh for as long as possible. 

BactoCEASE NV is an alternative for chemical preservatives. It’s a label-friendly food safety solution with a balanced flavour profile designed to protect meat, poultry and processed fish products as well as deli salads from spoilage bacteria. Moreover, BactoCEASE NV extends the shelf life of those products. 

Buffered vinegar to increase shelf life

Microbial spoilage is a key factor in the shelf life of a variety of protein rich food products. Testing has shown that vinegar-based ingredients protect Ready-to-Eat (RTE) foods and other processed meat, poultry and fish products from spoilage bacteria. Moreover, these natural ingredients meet the increasing consumer demand for clean and low sodium products.

Kemin’s Buffered Vinegar ingredient for food preservation has no negative effect on meat quality. This includes parameters such as water holding capacity, protein denaturation, colour and flavour. This product line is available in both liquid and dry forms making it easy to add to brines, marinades, spice blends, or direct application to meat.

Kemin also offers BactoCEASE NV OR Liquid, an organic buffered vinegar solution that can be added to organic food products.

BactoCEASE® NV | LABEL-FRIENDLY product for smoked salmon

Total plate counts (TPC) in smoked salmon

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