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Tortilla Ingredients

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A Complete Suite of Tortilla Solutions

Tortillas, those versatile and delicious flatbread rounds prepared with corn or wheat flour, have been a staple food and key component in Mexican cuisine for generations. And with health-conscious consumers growing and eating habits becoming more and more universal, the demand for tortillas and wraps increases. Hence, it is the right momentum for tortilla manufacturers to profit from this growing trend.

Manufacturers still face challenges every day to successfully produce quality tortillas. These challenges include shelf life limitations, operational concerns, and consumer appeal. Do you want to meet today’s dietary demands without formulation challenges? That’s where Kemin can help.

At Kemin, we understand tortilla ingredients and their functionality, shelf life and operational challenges, from bench-top to store shelf. In our state-of-the-art Bakery Innovation Centre, our technical experts precisely mimic the commercial process of tortilla making as well as evaluate novel ingredient functionality and provide guidance in new product development. Besides, we ensure the functionality of every ingredient batch with our advanced analytical instrumentation and quality release standards.

Kemin Solutions

The Kemin tortilla product line allows both corn and flour tortilla manufacturers to improve the shelf life and/or quality of their tortilla product. Kemin works with customers one-on-one to help find the best formulation for your tortilla needs. We work with you to go through your ingredient formulation, product goals and manufacturing capabilities to make sure we make the proper product recommendation. The table shows how our products can target both your shelf life and operational concerns.

Be sure to also visit our Tortilla Solutions page in the Market Segments, for more info about our overall Tortilla Solutions.


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TillaPack™ is our premixes product line for flour tortillas. Composed of anywhere from 2 – 20+ ingredients, these premixes provide you with all the essential minor ingredients your tortilla needs to keep it high quality, appealing and fresh. Our team will work with you one-on-one to help create a formulation to meet your tortilla ingredient goals. Whether you need a burrito style or gordita / casera style premixes or you are trying to meet a certain label claim, Kemin can offer you a wide variety of options in our premixes solutions, so contact us today to determine which system will work for you.


The TillaZyme™ line is our range of enzyme blends for corn tortillas. TillaZyme helps retain moistness and interferes with the retrogradation process, a key contributor to staling. TillaZyme reduces the rate of staling that naturally occurs through moisture loss over time or due to starch retrogradation resulting in a softer product with moistness, improved flexibility and no breaking or drying.


Our TillaSoft™ line is our range of dough conditioners and softeners for flour tortillas. TillaSoft helps improve the dough softness and extensibility of flour tortillas. In addition, this product can help delay the retrogradation process in flour tortillas, so your customer doesn’t experience stale tortillas.


Kemin also offers SHIELD® for mould inhibition in tortillas. Learn more about our SHIELD line here.

Our solutions combined with our technical expertise, in-depth quality testing and our state-of-the-art Bakery Innovation Center allows manufacturers to find the ideal solution for their tortilla needs. Contact Us today to learn more.