SHIELD® -  Preventing Spoilage and Mould Growth

SHIELD® liquid antimicrobial formulas are synergistic blends of active ingredients that control microbes, preventing spoilage and mould growth. They provide homogenous, even dispersion throughout dough, eliminate irritating dust common with dry preservatives and improve handling without affecting your product’s taste. Kemin is the global leader in liquid technology for antimicrobial protection.



With SHIELD, you can also benefit from:

  • Increased dough softness, moisture retention and finished product flexibility.
  • Optional automation to reduce weighing and variability.
  • High concentration, reducing freight, handling and storage expenses.

The following SHIELD products are available in all markets:

  • SHIELD FL-7: an alternative to the inflexible dry preservative formulas for wheat tortillas and bakery products leavened with baking powder.
  • SHIELD CA: an improvement to dry calcium propionate, offering better taste and dispersion.
  • SHIELD NA: a replacement for dry sodium propionate, offering better dispersion that provides a more consistent finished product.
  • SHIELD Dry: a dry calcium propionate that is easy to mix with dry bakery ingredients