EN-FORT™ - Rosemary Antioxidants

The EN-FORT rosemary antioxidant product line allows food manufacturers to label rosemary as an antioxidant as it meets the E392 specifications.

The EN-FORT antioxidants are available in both dry and liquid (oil soluble and water dispersible) forms and assure that food products maintain their freshness, so that manufacturers can guarantee stable food products of the highest quality.

Kemin is one of the largest producers of rosemary extract that is Sustainably Grown Certified by SCS Global Services. The proprietary rosemary extraction process delivers a highly refined, homogeneous solution that offers a more consistent extract. Kemin is able to guarantee the highest consistency and value for our customers due to the complete vertical integration combined with the advanced plant selection and manufacturing processes.



Typical Applications:

• Meat and Poultry

• Marine Oils

• Nuts

• Lard

• Spices

• Vegetable Oils

• Salad Dressing

• Mayonnaise

• Cereals

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