Keep Key Nutrients Bioavailable with Rumen Protected Products

Research shows increasing milk production requires consistent protein sources. We know dairy cows perform best with an efficient, total mixed ration (TMR) diet containing rumen protected lysine, methionine and choline. Producers and nutritionists are constantly working to find cost-effective and bioavailable protein sources for use in their rations. Kemin has developed rumen protected lysine, methionine and choline products like LysiGEM™, LysiPEARL™, Smartamine® M, MetaSmart®, and CholiPEARL™ to support these goals and keep dairy cows healthy and productive. 

MetaSmart®, Smartamine® are Trademarks of Adisseo France S.A.S.

Benefits of LysiGEM™, LysiPEARL™Smartamine® MMetaSmart® and CholiPEARL™

  • Reduce nutrient variability in dairy cattle diets and improve performance and profitability
  • Lower crude protein levels in dairy rations and still meet nutritional targets
  • Reduce feed costs by reducing crude protein levels and maintaining production
  • Improve transition cow health with a rumen protected choline

Increase Bioavailability Using Rumen Protection

Bioavailability of nutrients refers to nutrients that are absorbed and used by the animal. By creating rumen protected and intestinally available products, Kemin provides highly bioavailable nutrient sources for dairy cows.

Kemin uses MicroPEARLS® spray freezing technology, a proprietary encapsulation technique, for their rumen protected methionine and choline products. The proprietary GEMS manufacturing process is used to produce LysiGEM™. Each of these encapsulation methods is strictly monitored and controlled, delivering a very durable rumen protected product with a high level of bioavailability.

Smartamine® M

Methionine is typically the first limiting amino acid in dairy cattle nutrition.  Therefore it must be supplemented by the diet. It plays a very important role in a variety of metabolic processes as it is needed to begin protein transcription (process of constructing proteins). This means it is integral in: milk protein synthesis; reproduction; tissue production in growing animals.

Smartamine M, with its pH sensitive coating, is a worldwide reference product in the market of rumen protected methionine and is easily applicable in premixes. It enables animal feed professionals such as nutrition consultants, feed manufacturers, and pre-mixers to deliver nutritional solutions to their customers containing enhanced levels of methionine. Smartamine M provides the ability to reduce crude protein levels in your diets while maintaining production levels. This leads to improved profitability (performance & fertility), reduced environmental impacts, and improved herd health.


Unmet MP methionine requirements can negatively impact milk and milk protein production, reproductive performance and other metabolic/ health issues. Providing supplemental methionine that is highly bio-available helps to improve nitrogen utilisation efficiency (N-efficiency) and it has shown to positively impact animal performance and allows feed formulation savings. This leads to improved profitability (performance & fertility), reduced environmental impacts, and improved herd health.

MetaSmart® is a cost-effective and unique source of specific, pelletable (rumen-protected) methionine for ruminants that has an excellent bio-availability while also providing needed methionine for the rumen function.

Kemin Solutions


Lysine is an essential amino acid used as a building block in creating protein. LysiGEM provides higher levels of MP Lysine due to its ability to deliver almost twice as much intestinally available lysine than any other rumen protected lysine source.1 This product also has the most robust bioavailability research package of any rumen protected lysine on the market.

LysiGEM Product Overview

  • Supplies almost twice as much MP Lysine than the nearest competitor
  • Validated by years of trial work with hundreds of thousands of cows
  • Uses the GEM encapsulation technology
  • Consistent and cost-effective
  • Supported by a dedicated and experienced sales and technical service team


LysiPEARL is an encapsulated product that includes key nutrients that are able to bypasses the rumen to be released in the gastrointestinal tract where they are absorbed more efficiently. This encapsulation also allows product to be free flowing and resistant to physical damage in typical feed processing, while balancing dairy rations for the most limiting amino acids methionine and lysine, rather than crude protein.  Encapsulated lysine provides a convenient, effective and cutting edge approach to protein nutrition.

LysiPEARL is designed to deliver a specific amount of intestinally available lysine to the cow. The LysiPEARL technology is supported by data-driven research with proven results at commercial dairies. Utilising encapsulated amino acids in feed rations permits dairy producers to better meet the specific amino acid requirements of the animal, allowing cows to reach maximum milk production and milk components and more consistent absorption of protein nutrition.


It has been observed in several studies that a rumen protected choline product improves milk production and helps the liver function. The key differentiation point among products is the technology used in the encapsulation process. CholiPEARL is manufactured using the proprietary MicroPEARLS spray freezing process to coat and protect the contained choline. The result is a very durable product that can withstand pelleting.2 The overall result is a consistent and cost-effective source of intestinally available choline for the dairy cow. 

Kemin suggests providing CholiPEARL to dairy cows during the transition period before and after calving. This is when dairy cows are under stress due to the negative energy balance. 

Support with Kemin

The Kemin-developed rumen protected lysine, methionine and choline products were created to support and keep dairy cows healthy and productive. Every Kemin solution is supported by data-driven research using sophisticated models that are validated in a multi-step process. With over 30 years of experience and millions of dollars of invested research, Kemin backs all of its products with guarantees of safety and support.



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