Importance of Nutrition

Nutritional solutions are essential in preventing performance issues before they occur. To support the agricultural community, Kemin invests millions of dollars in research to improve animal health and performance and increase producer profitability. Kemin focuses on four key nutrition platforms:

Bioavailability Using Rumen Protection

Superior milk production requires more than average protein sources, especially if producers want to boost production. To meet demands, research shows dairy cows perform best with an efficient total mixed ration (TMR) diet containing rumen protected lysine and methionine because they provide higher levels of bioavailable amino acids to the cow. Kemin has developed rumen protected lysine, methionine and choline products like MetaSmart®, Smartamine® MLysiGEM™, LysiPEARL™, and CholiPEARL™ to support these goals and keep dairy cows healthy and productive. 

Minerals in Livestock and Poultry Production

Trace minerals play a critical role in the metabolic functions of livestock and poultry including support for growth, development, immune function and reproductive performance. The beneficial response from proper mineral supplementation can be observed throughout an animal's life. The proper amount of bioavailable minerals need to be supplemented to support the hemostatic state of the animal during all phases of life. Kemin has developed a line of minerals,KemTRACE® Minerals, with KemTRACE® Chromium being a staple to meet nutritional requirements of agricultural livestock and poultry diets as recommended by the Nutritional Requirements Council (NRC) for each species. 

Biosurfactants — A Way to Improve Feed Digestibility

Reducing fat variability in feed and improving lipid absorption can help livestock and poultry producers achieve both efficiency and profitability. Biosurfactants' ability to enhance lipid (fat) digestion is becoming more popular in animal feeds. The addition of a biosurfactant leads to better utilization of energy from feed, resulting in improved feed conversion rates, lower production costs, improved profitability and animal performance. Kemin developed a state-of-the-art biosurfactant designed to enhance digestion and absorb fatty acids and nutrients across all diets. LYSOFORTE® contains lecithin modified by a unique and patented enzymatic process to create a more powerful biosurfactant containing specific phospholipids.

Support by Kemin

The growing demand for food provides opportunities for producers to continuously improve their operations and profitability. Kemin takes pride in helping producers feed the world by promoting the health and well-being of their animals. For more than 50 years, Kemin has been a market leader in providing high quality and safe products. Since earning the prestigious Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) recognition at their Des Moines, Iowa, manufacturing facility in 2013, Kemin has remained a leader in the production of safe, quality ingredients. Customers gain confidence knowing they can rely on local Kemin technical service teams. Each team is comprised of respected animal health experts willing to offer insight and knowledge to solve complex production challenges using an array of valuable experience in research and production.



1Kemin Human Nutrition and Health Division.