Carotenoids —Quality Egg Nutrition Solution

For more than 20 years, Kemin has collaborated with egg producers in creating carotenoid products for optimum egg yolk quality and nutrition. These goals and relationships help bring billions of quality eggs to consumers every year. Humans and animals usually cannot synthesize carotenoids, which is why it's important to supplement carotenoids within the diet.

Through extensive research and trial studies, Kemin has shown lutein, a carotenoid nutrient, and xanthophyll are not only efficient in promoting consistent egg pigmentation, but may play an important role in development and physiological functions such as antioxidant activities, regulation of cell proliferation and enhancement of immune function. These all translate to better eye care, skin hydration, cognition, eye health in babies and most recently, carotenoids have been found to help fight against the harmful effects of blue light at all ages.1

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1Kemin Human Nutrition and Health Division.