Animal Nutrition & Health Division

As the world population continues to expand and the demand for protein soars, food producers are turning to Kemin for innovative solutions. We believe raising healthy livestock and poultry is more important now than ever before, and we are delivering products and services that help consumers achieve optimal nutrition, feed quality, gut health and pathogen control—all while maximizing the profitability of our customers.

The discoveries and work we do in our laboratories help to improve our customers' bottom line while meeting the ever-changing landscape of consumer expectations. For example, our growing portfolio of antibiotic alternatives address emerging consumer demand for a reduction of antibiotics used when raising livestock and poultry. Kemin solutions are strengthening safety throughout various stages of the food chain, improving animal nutrition via enhanced ingredient utilization and developing new solutions focused on improving overall animal health.

Safe Solutions for Pathogen Control

Food safety starts with the reduction of harmful pathogens in the feed and water animals consume. Considering today's disease management challenges, pathogen control is one of the most viable and cost-effective approaches to the control of infectious agents. Salmonella control is particularly vital, as Salmonella outbreaks have been shown to spread to humans.

Kemin created a dedicated team to provide biosecurity and food safety solutions including products like Sal CURB® , which are trusted throughout the industry as leading pathogen control solutions.

Smart Solutions for Feed Quality Maintenance

The quality of animal feed is typically judged based on its nutritional value and overall appearance. Maintaining quality and nutritional value in feed cannot be achieved solely through sound harvest and storage practices. Producers must also consider solutions specially designed to protect feed value.

Kemin continues to innovate products to help producers maintain feed nutritional value, as we offer a variety of solutions for grain treatment, forage preservation, fat and oil stability and diet integrity. Adding Kemin Feed Quality solutions to your operation can help prolong feed shelf-life, reduce production costs and improve animal performance.

Proven Gut Health Solutions

Due to changing customer demands, producers have been asked to change the way production animals are raised—specifically through better antibiotic stewardship during the production process. To do so requires changes to animal production management including feed and vaccination programs. To address these changes, producers are considering antibiotic alternatives to maintain similar feed efficiency, growth rates and egg production levels.

In order to maintain a high level of productivity with less reliance on antibiotics, there must be a change in the way we think about intestinal health and animal productivity. Intestinal health plays a large role in animal performance and should therefore be elevated to the same level of importance as other management practices.

Kemin Gut Health Solutions provide a comprehensive approach to gut health by strengthening and maintaining intestinal integrity, microbial balance and immune function. Kemin Gut Health Solutions have been rigorously tested to ensure the well-being of poultry, swine and cattle. These solutions include:

  • Microbial probiotics to manage gut health in a sustainable manner
  • Nutritional acidifiers to help establish improved absorption and protection against pathogens
  • Encapsulated products to slowly release active ingredients throughout the digestive tract to raise overall health

Effective Animal Nutrition Solutions

Producers, nutritionists and veterinarians are constantly working to find cost-effective dietary solutions to improve the productivity of livestock and poultry. This includes the use of rumen protected lysine, methionine and choline products in dairy cattle to increase milk production while keeping dairy cows healthy and productive. Trace minerals are used to support the digestion, immune and respiratory systems of livestock and poultry. 

The wide variety of products within the Kemin Nutrition platform work to improve the health of animals resulting in more efficient absorption of nutrients, enhanced productive performance and reduction in feed necessary to achieve market weight.


In addition to these solutions, the Kemin Technical Service Team will help you successfully implement these products in the most effective way possible.

The Product Application Department (PAD) will also work with customers to develop systems to accurately and efficiently apply these products in your specific product system.

The Customer Laboratory Services (CLS) offered by Kemin is available to identify problem areas and confirm product efficacy for customers.