•Provides optimal contrast for internal limiting membrane staining
•Formulated with natural lutein
•Non-toxic  biocompatible formula with strong safety data
•Intense green color
•Completely removable with silicon cannula
•CE-marked and available for sale throughout the European Union


Phacodyne is the natural choice for superior staining in cataract surgery.

Kemin has developed safe and efficacious intraocular dyes, which offer
an array of targeted staining solutions for use in ophthalmic surgeries.
Our proprietary dyes utilize the intrinsic staining capability of lutein*,
a natural dye molecule, more widely known for its antioxidant
properties in the human retina.1-2

What does Phacodyne do?
• Stains the anterior lens capsule in cataract surgery
• Provides optimal contrast between the anterior lens
capsule and the lens tissue
• Facilitates problem-free removal of the anterior
lens capsule
• Allows surgeons to visualize the entire anterior
lens capsule in the absence of red reflex

What makes Phacodyne your first choice
for cataract surgery?

• Intense green color optimal for staining contrast
• Formulated with natural lutein and minimal levels of trypan blue
• Unquestionable safety and efficacy demonstrated in a clinical trial
• Safe alternative to products containing higher levels of synthetic dyes

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Phacodyne is available in ten-count vial and five-count syringe boxes. The
Kemin intraocular dye portfolio also includes Retidyne™, indicated for ILM staining,
Vitreodyne™ indicated for vitreous staining and Retidyne™ Plus for dual staining
of the vitreous and ILM, in vitreoretinal surgeries.


1 Patent application US 13/433,526.
2 Tan AG, Mitchell P, et al. (2008). Antioxidant nutrient intake and the long-term incidence of age-related cataract: the
Blue Mountains Eye Study. Am J Clin Nutr. 87(6):1899-905



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