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As food safety becomes high priority in the industry, manufacturers are hungry for ingredients that are backed by science.  Consumers demand labels that they can easily understand and ingredients they can recognize.


Kemin is the global leader in liquid antimicrobial technology offering a full range of solutions for your products as well as optional automation processes.

  • SHIELD brand antimicrobials are specifically formulated to inhibit mold growth in bakery and tortilla products and have also been found to extend the shelf-life of deli salads.
  • BactoCEASE brand food safety ingredients are designed to enhance food safety and extend the shelf-life of ready-to-eat meats as well as fresh meat, fish and poultry products by protectecing against foodborne pathogens and spoilage bacteria.
  • AMPLIFRESH brand antimicrobials prevent mold and spoilage microorganisms for your Indian cakes and muffins.
  • AMPLIVITA brand antimicrobials are specially formulated to protect your Indian ethnic sweets from microbes.

Antimicrobials from Kemin allow you to provide higher quality and safe product to your customers.

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